Care tips

So that you can enjoy your bed for a long time

Our products are known for their excellent workmanship and durability. Here you will find helpful tips on caring for your HASENA bedroom furniture.

  • Solid wood, varnished surfaces

    If there is staining, the surface can also be wiped with a wet cloth. Please do not wipe with a dripping wet cloth and use no aggressive cleaning agents, as the varnish might be harmed. Have a look in our furniture care shop to find the right product.

    Over time and depending on the degree of use, imitation leathers begin to lose the softeners used to make the leather supple and prevent it from becoming brittle. The modern artificial leathers used have significantly fewer softeners than their predecessors, but are also affected by fatigue fractures and hydrolysis.

    Regular cleaning and care
    With the right cleaning and care, you can sustainably support the longevity of imitation leather covers.
    You can find suitable cleaning and care products in our furniture care shop.
    If you always remove stains immediately, they have no chance of becoming embedded in the material.
    Tip: Use only products from our care shop or clean the imitation leather regularly with a dry or at most slightly damp cloth. A brush with soft bristles can also be used to remove dirt. This is how you will enjoy your imitation leather product for a long time.

    Avoid direct sunlight
    If your imitation leather is exposed to direct sunlight, it may fade, depending on the UV resistance of the material. In addition, the softeners contained in the material dry out more quickly due to the heat, which causes the material to become brittle and fragile more quickly.

  • Solid wood, oiled surfaces

    There is possibly still an excess of oil on your new bedroom furniture. In this case simply wipe the surface with a soft cloth and care for good ventilation, so that it can dry up. Every 1 to 3 years you should think about the care and protection of your oiled furniture. For care and refreshment of the furniture surface you can use customary wood care oil. Apply a thin and sparing layer of oil with a textile cloth. The surface will shine silky and be velvety soft. Suitable furniture oil can be bought in your drugstore or at a specialized shop.
    Attention: Sprays, polishes, cleaning agents containing silicones or solvents as well as household cleaners may cause unpleasant stains, which can hardly be removed again.
    Have a look in our furniture care shop to find the right product.

  • MDF (covered with decorative film)

    MDF surfaces can be wiped wet but not dripping wet with a soft cloth and mild soap or a detergent.Attention: Cleaning agents containing silicones or solvents or other aggressive household cleaners may harm the surface and cause unpleasant stains. Have a look in our furniture care shop to find the right product.

  • Upholstery fabrics

    Polyester fabrics can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner on a low setting. Stains should be treated immediately with a clean, damp cloth. Avoid the use of bleach or harsh detergents. Have a look in our furniture care shop to find the right product.

  • Metal

    Rough metal fittings or cast iron frames should be cleaned with a duster or gently brushed from time to time. If your product has a polished and varnished metal surface, it can be wiped with a slightly moist cloth. Have a look in our furniture care shop to find the right product.

Please note that these care tips are general. For specific cleaning and care instructions, please always refer to the care products. Suitable cleaning agents for our HASENA products can be found online here on our furniture care shop.