Never again porous synthetic leather

Do you know this too? You found your absolute dream bed years ago. It was love at first sight, and the cosiness of the bed has given you countless restful nights since then. 
You like to hold on to such favourite pieces. However, if they are made of conventional synthetic leather, e.g. the headboard or headboard cushions, the «love» is put to the test.

As we know, the surface of synthetic leather tends to separate from the backing layer after a few years. This is not a material defect, but is caused by external influences. Laboratory tests have shown that, apart from exposure to sunlight and heating, only areas where unsuitable cleaning agents or excessively damp cleaning cloths have been used are affected. Repeated body contact and the touching of care products for one's own body, such as hair conditioners or creams, also favour this negative process. – But who wants to lie in their bed without ever being allowed to touch it? – Thus, the beauty of synthetic leather is limited. This is true not only for beds, but also for other upholstered furniture, such as chairs and sofas.

The sight of porous imitation leather is very annoying. It feels like your faithful companion, your perfect bed, is gradually losing its beauty. Knowing that this defect cannot be reversed, it hurts twice.

Leather-look microfibre fabric: our Tocco chocolate 712 upholstery cover

Better than synthetic leather: microfibre-woven imitation leather

  1. We understand your disappointment and want to help you restore your favourite piece to its former glory. Beforehand, we can't stop the «flaking». But thanks to our «swiss bed concept», your Hasena bed can be refreshed with a new headboard or new headboard cushions. 

  2. Are you looking for a new bed? You love the «look and feel» of leather, but definitely don't want to bother with the sensitivity of synthetic leather?


Our textile partners have years of experience in material research and have used this know-how to develop a masterpiece:

Buffalo and Tocco – our 100% leather-look microfibre fabric, also known as vegan leather

These upholstery covers are soft, durable and offer a perfect imitation of real leather. Unlike faux leather, which can flake or wear away over time, these microfibre fabrics retain their look and durability even after years of use. In addition, these fabrics impress with their excellent breathability.



Tocco white 710

Tocco creme 711

Tocco chocolate 712


Buffalo shale 720

Buffalo grey 721

Buffalo espresso 722

Microfibre in the best leather look

  • Quality:  soft, breathable, high quality as well as perfect leather imitation

  • Sustainability: recyclable and ethically harmless

  • Energy efficiency: requires less energy and water than processing cotton and wool

  • Extra: easy-care and hard-wearing – no flaking as with conventional synthetic leather