swiss bed concept

What is swiss bed concept?

A clever modular system

Thanks to «swiss bed concept», there are virtually no limits to your creativity. You choose your favourite bed frame, and combine it with legs and headboard of your choice. Go through all our collections to find the various materials and colours.

Solid wood with advantages

Wood is a natural product and can deform depending on the ambient climate, even after the wooden parts have been unpacked. We prevent this characteristic, which is not very welcome in furniture products, with the wood panel combination in three layers. We manufacture many of our solid wood parts with this principle;
the inner wood layer consists of a robust, solid, FSC®-certified multiplex carrier board, the two outer layers consist of the solid wood finish specified in the respective register.

Your advantages:

Sustainability: The wood types used for the multiplex core board have an excellent ecological balance, as these trees grow back two to three times faster than oak or walnut trees. In addition, the multiplex core board is 100% FSC®-certified.
Stability: By using a multiplex core board, the dimensional stability is further improved and climatic fluctuations can affect our products even less. The risk of shrinkage and swelling and the associated cracks can also be further reduced.
Less weight: With the lighter but still stable carrier board, up to 20% of the weight can be saved. This literally makes it easier to handle the packages during transport and assembly.

Ease of use


We only use the Blumotion self-closing mechanism from BLUM for our bedside tables and chests of drawers.



Opening with a touch: selected side furniture, Lovie-Box / Lovie-Ron Box and various function beds have this mechanical opening support, which does not require any handles.