Recycled woods

Our three new solid wood finishes are made from recycled oak and are unique in their aesthetics. These finishes are manufactured using the pre-consumer recycling process and help to avoid waste. The wood gets its special appeal from the reuse of cut scraps that are collected and reprocessed after furniture production.

«Oak uniq clear, oiled» also impresses with its clear, light shade, with a warm, honey-coloured touch. «Oak urban, clear» has a soft, powdery brown tone. «Oak urban, brandy», on the other hand, fascinates with its spicy, dark brown colour, reminiscent of a fine brandy. Each of these products is an example of sustainable production and a wonderful way to integrate recycled scrap wood into a unique new design.

70 Oak uniq clear, oiled

66 Oak urban, clear

67 Oak urban, brandy

Sustainable recreation for people and nature

  • Material efficiency/recycling: waste reduction through reuse of wood waste according to pre-consumer recycling

  • Design diversity: unique surfaces based on wood residues