HASENA - the story of the three rabbits

In 1951, a small shed was sufficient to manufacture slatted frames and beds by hand. The three founders Felix, Paul and Willi Hasenfratz invested a lot of heart and soul in the carpenter's workshop in Biel-Benken, not far from Basel. Their motivation at the time was to make sleeping easier for their customers with slatted frames made of wood, which were new at the time. In the 1990s, HASENA set itself apart from its competitors with the "swiss bed concept": Customers were now given the opportunity to choose their taste and desire the bed frame, the feet and the headboard from a modular system. This struck a chord, and HASENA began exporting its products. Over time, the needs of female customers changed; in the 80's and 90's, the look in bedrooms became more important, new possibilities opened up. This brought out another talent, the knack for furniture design. As the years went by, HASENA developed beautifully designed beds for different types of tastes. Even then, many beds were made of solid wood, and the preference for this sustainable material penetrated deeper and deeper into the DNA of the evolving furniture brand. In 1992, the second generation of the Hasenfratz family took the helm at HASENA. A fascinating consistency, considering that the CEO position changed only once from 1951 to 2022. Now the third generation of this family is integrated in the company. The management team, which has been composed since 2022, continues the down-to-earth values of its predecessors, yet sets new, innovative accents in many areas. In 2015, the owner family acquired the company Woodmax in Vietnam, where part of our beds and side furniture is manufactured. Production at Woodmax and with partners in other countries is carried out under high social and safety standards.

A view back into history of HASENA

Our assembly team setting up a Spazio bed.

Our mission

The HASENA brand unites our employees into a community. A team that develops bedroom furniture with passion, brings new beds to the market with pride and a lot of love, and drives innovations with passion. With our partners in the furniture trade, we ignite this fire day after day. Our dealings with our production and other service partners are aimed in all respects at a long-term relationship; many of our partners have been with us for several decades. We treat our business partners with respect and decency, and we maintain constructive and solution-oriented communication. Values such as high quality awareness, a penchant for precise work and good service are practiced by our partners just as they are at our headquarters in Switzerland.


We are aware that the production of wooden furniture products in Switzerland is not competitive. Nevertheless, we are humble in our approach to our most important partner in material sourcing: nature. There are many ways to produce bedroom furniture sustainably. For example, bed production from production waste wood (no Wood waste), electricity from solar plants, using fast growing wood or upholstery covers from recycled old clothes or plastic bottles. Of course, the material of many HASENA models comes from FSC® certified forestry. In addition, our company site has been awarded climate-neutral certification by ClimatePartner and the support of a climate protection project. Sustainability certificates are an important instrument for providing orientation for consumers. Certificates are not always available for our innovations in the area of sustainability. But that doesn't stop us from constantly rethinking our processes and structures.

Sustainability at HASENA company

Leadership board of HASENA company

Leadership culture

HASENA is committed to flat hierarchies and respectful treatment of all employees and sales representatives. The closeness of the management team to processes and the people behind them has a direct impact on staff turnover: many employees have been with HASENA for decades. We maintain an open error culture in which every employee has the opportunity to question processes and actions. In addition, we see the potential in all employees to continuously develop themselves. We proactively accompany and support the professional careers of all employees.