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Welcome to our world of fabrics! Every bed deserves a dress that not only impresses visually, but also impresses in terms of comfort and durability. With our versatile fabric collection we want to make this possible for your home. Immerse yourself in a realm of colors, textures and patterns that leave nothing to be desired. From elegant, timeless shades to vibrant, trendy tones, we offer an impressive range of color variations that will give your bedroom individuality. Whether you're looking for luxury or prefer functionality, our collections are available in a variety of price categories, so there's something to suit every need and budget. Our fabrics and upholstery covers are not only a feast for the eyes, but also flatter the skin and ensure a restful sleep. Each fabric in our collection is carefully selected to ensure quality and durability. Give your bed a personal touch with our upholstery covers and enjoy the comfort that only first-class materials can offer. Be inspired, discover our fabric collections and transform your bedroom into an oasis of well-being.


3rd price category

Alpina 390-394

Alpina lightgrey 390

Alpina anthrazit 391

Alpina red 392

Alpina navy 393

Alpina smoke 394

Boucle 770-773

Boucle ivory 770

Boucle grey 771

Boucle fresco 772

Boucle mouse 773

Boston 650-654

Boston clay 650

Boston tizo 654

Boston bean 651

Boston mocca 652

Boston turtle 653

Buffalo 720-722

Buffalo shale 720

Buffalo grey 721

Buffalo espresso 722

Campos 372-376, Synthetic leather

Campos blanc 372

Campos kit 376

Campos creme 373

Campos cafe 374

Campos nero 375

Capo 760-765

Capo anthracit 760

Capo light brown 764

Capo grey 761

Capo taupe 765

Capo rose 762

Capo linen 763

Casual 330-334, Synthetic leather

Casual sahara 330

Casual carbon 334

Casual cannelle 331

Casual cognac 332

Casual olive 333

Cyclo 730-731, PET recycled

Cyclo cream 730

Cyclo macciato 731

Fusio 750-752

Fusio shell 750

Fusio anthracit 751

Fusio musk 752

Kitana 600-604

Kitana beige 600

Kitana anthrazit 604

Kitana nougat 601

Kitana grigio 602

Kitana aqua 603

Ranch 660-664

In the Ranch fabric version, a characteristic vintage look is achieved in production by means of washing.

Ranch stone 660

Ranch hunter 664

Ranch grit 661

Ranch jeans 662

Ranch indigo 663

Rinovo 700-701, Polyester recycled

Rinovo anthracit 700

Rinovo taupe 701

Ritorno 640-641, Polyester recycled

Ritorno chiaro 640

Ritorno anthracit 641

Tocco 710-712

Tocco white 710

Tocco creme 711

Tocco chocolate 712

Velluto 740-742

Velluto grey 740

Velluto ivory 741

Velluto coffee 742

4th price category

Real 505-516, Real leather

Real bianco 505

Real ardesia 509

Real notte 516

Real ecru 506

Real falda 513

Real creta 507

Real cenere 514

Real moro 508

Real panna 515

Vintage 520-521, Real leather

Vintage is a leather that is treated with wax to give it a used look. Scars, colour and structure differences as well as wrinkling are natural characteristics of genuine leather. Leather contains non-textile parts of animal origin.

Vintage fango 520

Vintage marone 521

Choice of fabric Pronto

Kul, Synthetic leather

Pepe 327-335

Pepe beige 327

Pepe anthrazit 328

Pepe grey 335

Buffalo 720-722

Buffalo shale 720

Buffalo grey 721

Buffalo espresso 722

Boucle 770

Boucle ivory 770