Guarantee conditions

Our promise

From the tree to the bed - by means of perfect craftsmanship and high-quality materials. We have been convincing customers with this quality standard for many years. You receive a 5-year guarantee on the material and surface quality, as well as the professional workmanship of all models from the date of purchase.

You have a 5-year guarantee on our products from the date of purchase for material quality and surface finish, and on professional workmanship of all models. Guarantee claims may be lodged only upon presentation of the corresponding invoice. Claims shall obtain only for the defective item, and not for the entire scope of delivery. Statutory warranty claims, such as supplementary performance, rescission or damages, are not affected by this Guarantee. Repair and delivery of parts or replacements shall not interrupt the current guarantee period; no new guarantee period shall begin
as a result.

We grant a warranty for a total of 5 years on the usability of mattresses and toppers under normal use, which covers material- and processing defects. The warranty claim only applies if all bed contents used and combined with each other (slats, boxspring underframes, mattresses and toppers) originate from Hasena AG. The full warranty is two years from the date of delivery. From the third year onwards, a degressive guarantee applies to the sales price according to the following scale:
Guarantee case in     Costs for buyer
1st year                       0 %
2nd year                     0 %
3rd year                      30 %
4th year                      40 %
5th year                      50 %
6th year                      warranty expired

We offer a 2-year guarantee for the following products:
• lamps, luminaires and electric motors;
• cushions, upholstered headboards, wall panels, upholstered beds, Boxspring bases (due to natural wear and tear of the surfaces)

We reserve the right to provide guarantee services as follows:
• in the form of a substitute delivery/replacement delivery (in case of a replacement delivery the goods must be made available ready for collection in the original carton);
• to take the goods back and grant a credit on the purchase price without a substitute delivery;
• a repair The guarantee shall apply in case of proper use and normal wear and tear.

Excluded from the guarantee are:
• damages, which were caused due to improper transport, delivery or assembly/disassembly;
• damages, which are caused by pointed or sharp-edged objects such as e.g. knives that have been used when unpacking the goods;
• improper handling with damp or liquid and unsuitable cleaning agents;
• environmental influences such as extreme dryness/humidity, light and temperatures, etc.;
• slight unevenness of the solid wood surfaces, due to the natural nature of the material;
• change in the solid wood (warping, fading, cracks, etc.) owing to ambient influences;
• overloading of beds or traverses beyond the admissible upper weight limits;
• deliberate destruction, improper use, use not as intended, overloading or damages due to an accident;
• damage due to contamination of pets, heating sources, weather influences or other changes due to the effects of chemicals;
• improper cleaning, attempts at repair or subsequent improvement
• With upholstered parts the formation of creases of the cover material cannot always be avoided and does not represent a reason for a complaint. Scars, differences in colour and structure as well as the formation of creases are natural properties of real leather and underpin the charm and the characteristics of this material.
• general wear and tear as well as wearing parts such as slatted frames, box spring bases, mattresses, toppers, lamps, batteries, accumulators or similar
• Furniture and mattresses have a specific odour at first. This smell is harmless in every respect and evaporates after a short period of use. The right is reserved to changes in model and price at all times, depicted colours may deviate slightly from the original colours and structures. Slight deviations between the wood samples and original parts cannot be avoided either. A warpage of 1 to 2 mm is unavoidable with natural products and no reason for complaint. Do not use products that appear to have been delivered incorrectly (e.g. wrong model, wrong dimensions, wrong colour). Keep in mind that ownership of incorrectly delivered furniture parts remains with the manufacturer. Please return the parts in question to their original box and report the incorrect delivery to us immediately.

Procedure in case of complaints:
In order to guarantee help as soon as possible in a damaging event it is necessary to comply with the following points:
• detailed documentation/description of defects incl. the presumed cause
• At least 3 photos of damaged parts are to be submitted by e-mail (at least one close shot of the defect, a whole shot of the item of furniture with designation of the defect) from various perspectives.
• In case of queries on our part we require a contact with a direct phone extension.

In case of damages in transit we make a distinction between obvious and hidden

• The obvious damages are to be reported immediately upon delivery. The damages must be determined in the presence of the delivering driver and noted on the bill of lading. We also request you to additionally inform us directly.
• The hidden damages are to be reported within 7 days. Therefore, please open your shipment immediately and check this for number, product and damages.