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  • Slatted frames & bed contents

    Discover the variety of our HASENA slatted frames and bed contents that create an optimal sleeping environment for your individual needs. Whether it's our durable «Dritto U» slatted frame with 14 firmly mounted spring slats made of beech plywood or our «Ultra XXL» for high loads, we'll make sure you get excellent support. Our slatted frames, such as the «Flexo» series, feature a reinforced middle zone for optimal adjustment to your body weight and individual needs. The high-performance, motor-driven «Ultra XXL Tec» model also offers whisper-quiet operation under heavy weight loads. Trust HASENA for undisturbed, restful sleep.

  • Slatted frame function Mechanical infinite regulation
    Load limit 130 kg (incl. slats and mattress)
  • Height 11 cm
    Width dimension 80 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm
    Length dimension 200 cm, 210 cm, 220 cm
  • Surface finish 16-Beech anthracite covered, lacquered